Omnibar for Safari

I've recently been experimenting with using Safari as my primary browser after mounting disappointment with Chrome's performance on my Mac (random tab crashes and odd rendering issues had me scratching my head). Safari really is very quick and provides a more seamless and polished "Apple" experience, if that's your thing.

What I absolutely love about Chrome though is its Omnibar, the unified search and URL bar that figures out whether you've entered a URL or search term and performs the appropriate action. So I was delighted to find Oliver Poitrey's Safari Omnibar, a free SIMBL plugin that adds all the Omnibar goodness to Safari. It's early days yet as I've only just started using it, but it's standing up well in my testing and I haven't encountered any problems yet.

Now the only thing I'm missing is how the Delicious plugin in Chrome integrates its search results into the Omnibar, but this will do nicely for now.